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Living Well during illness or injury

 People do not usually think about this subject unless they are in such a position themselves. Our culture, our society tends to glorify the healthy, wealthy, beautiful, young and mobile.

 How does one fit into this world if we are not in these categories? Even though only a small percentage of people fit the “ideal” .

 So I propose one of the first ideas to entertain when one is either ill, injured, or in recovery is to see oneself as a valued member of society, a worthwhile, interesting person with perhaps, at the moment or even always, just enough energy to be able to sustain your life. That can be a great achievement some days!  

 Being brave, being strong, working hard, putting in effort is an everyday occurrence for those of us who may have health challenges.  

 We are all in this world together.  

  One of the most important qualities to remember is compassion and also kindness. Being kind and compassionate to ourselves as well as to others. The idea of blaming oneself for your fate is not a useful or kind way to see your position. Everyone has life problems or challenges.      

.  Plus there are ways to assist your ill friend or family member to help relieve some of their suffering.

One of the ways is to be willing to listen and allow them to tell their experience, to express themselves even if it is uncomfortable for you the listener. Remember it is way more hurting for them to live it than for you to hear it. Denying their pain is not a useful way to help.

 Another is to offer some assistance but not to wait for them to ask but you can make suggestions such as shopping, cleaning, chatting, baby sitting etc.. People do not usually like to ask for help but may really need it.

 People with illness, injury or in recovery are just as worthy, just as wonderful, just as special as those without such challenges. We all have something to offer, something to give, to contribute. It just might look a bit different than you had once imagined.  


Susy Plummer and Tracey Selinger R.N.  M.N. (health promotion), are offering a 4 week course on Living Well during illness and recovery at Gnostic Forest.

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