Everyone has Spiritual guidance energy around them. It can be seen through a form of art called  Angel or Spirit  Guide drawings.

As a visionary artist I can help translate this energy into form.

Each picture is a hand drawn full color Pastel portrait of a persons unique connection to their spiritual potentials. This can come in the form of an Angel, Past life, or friend, Goddess, forest Devic being such as a Fairy or Elvin or other Mystical creatures.

Each person has their own energy of possibilities and these drawings help by being a visual representation that holds this knowledge and can foster insight and awareness.

The drawing can reassure and bring feelings of comfort, safety and compassion. The Spirit Guide drawings can promote healing and may show a way forward. We each contain the Universe, what is your role to play?

Each time you look at the picture another layer of self understanding may awaken. 

I also receive messages and these are hand written with information about who and why the guide has come through for you at this time.


This photo is one of my drawings and the other is from the computer

I was asked by a writer and poet for a Spirit Guide drawing. I did the drawing first and got the name Babette and that she was from the 1930s    I do not have knowledge about writers or poets so decided to look on the web to see what would turn up when I looked up her name.

To my delight I found the person I had drawn,

 Babette Deutsch 1895 -1982                                                              The client said she must be her Muse for her work as a Poet.