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This is part of an interview I did with Gail Kushner at her Blog at "My Psychic Search"  about my journey and the Guide drawings in the "Psychics Speak" series of interviews on Amazon  

Blog date  Sept. 3rd 2015  

Sketching the Invisible

Susy Plummer is a Visionary Artist who lives in Australia. Her entire life, she has been led from one opportunity to another. Each move opened her psychic ability and showed her how to use her gifts to help people. When I interviewed Susy in 2012, she demonstrated how her drawings functioned as psychic readings

She said:

"When I first starting doing these drawings, I felt like I was being trained in a new way of doing things, a new way of consciousness. I think it has to do with being human and being connected to Spirit at the same time; like connecting Heaven and Earth." 

According to Susy, messages come through like reading a story. The drawing will tell her things in her head, not out loud. In her mind,

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I was absolutely thrilled to receive my very first Spirit Guide Drawing and how accurate it was!
 Imagine my surprise to see Archangel Aerial, the Light of God.  As an angel intuitive, we are old friends. 
The symbol above his crown chakra is the spirit star within which I can see a six pointed star with a beam of light at the centre.  They symbol on the third eye radiates the Native American Indian energy representing the four corners of the earth to bring light to all areas of life.
    The channeled written message relates the need for me to use my awareness for my own well being as well as others. I received my drawing in July 2009 and the channeled written message is timeless, and as relevant today as it was then.
I can't thank you enough Susy for your priceless gift of a visual drawing, as I have only previously seen Archangel Aerial in meditation and in my minds eye.  To put the face to the voice is truly an honor and a privilege
will continue to recommend your drawings to those I meet along my journey of life.
Love and many blessings,
Christine Brooks
Medium, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Angel and Medical Intuitive, Teacher and  Healer   


I attended my first spirit guide drawing workshop with Susy in 2008 to improve my portrait/face drawing skills as I lacked any experience in this area. The workshop was a lot of fun and Susy was very encouraging and assisted us
greatly in honing our innate drawings skills. Not only did we enjoy the class immensely, but we all formed strong 
and lasting friendships. I have continued with my artwork and now specialise in painting personal Mandalas for
people to connect to their inner guidance & soul purpose.

Warmest Regards,  Debbs Onley   


When invited to do the Spirit Guide Art Workshop I was hesitant because I hadn't shown any talent for drawing. However, I took the plunge and participated in the class and was very surprised by the outcome. Encouraged by Susy's good teaching ability, I created an amazing picture of my Spirit Guide. Since then I have felt inspired to do even more art.

Julita Wardly,    Angel Intuitive, Reader, Numerologist

Contact: ph: 0409 982499

This Course of Writing My Spirit Path has allowed me to reflect on snapshots of my life, be vulnerable in opening up about stories of my life
and feeling safe supported to share these in the sacred circle we have formed.
It is a opportunity to let the stories go and be here in the moment.  I am not my stories,  they are experiences I have had throughout my life.
The qualities of acceptance, forgiveness, loving, and a willingness to be in the moment.
Also noticing where I judge and project my thoughts and feelings on to others in my stories.
Thank you Susy for offering this course.
I am so grateful I joined the group as I was able to revisit and write about  some of my life and notice where I am now.         Noelene.”


 I was delighted to have a Spirit Guide drawing by Susy Plummer in 2009.  The artwork depicted a new guide working with me. There were symbols included & unknown to Susy, I had just started working with this symbol.  Also, an indication there was more work to be done on one of my chakra’s and I know this to be true, I have overcome the physical issues in  this chakra but still struggling with the emotional aspects. With this new knowledge I now call upon this guide for both myself and my clients.

  I work as a Spiritual Healer and he is now a valued member of my spiritual healing team.  “Susy I look forward to having more drawings with you in the future”.

Melissa Crozier,  Energetic, Reiki, Channeled Spiritual Healing    

 Central Coast N.S.W.    Contact : ph: 0411 230103    


 Donagh reader healer, ph: 0406 666875

I had been told, by Donagh, a reader, to do some drawings without knowing for whom.  At home in my Studio, when I finished this drawing I realized it was for Mitchell. The next Festival I attended I gave the drawing to him..... Susy                                                                                                       

Here is the quote from Mitchell Coombes first book "Sensing Spirit"  

" The woman's skill as a spiritual artist was immediately evident. The Indian's face appeared warm,rich,and alive with detail. He was wearing a chief's headdress. Four red feathers stood out from the rest. I was speechless. They were the exact same four red feathers I had collected. Red Feather, I thought. So that's what you look like."     Mitchell Coombes,  psychic medium                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was lucky to be one of the first recipients of Susy’s newly discovered drawing and psychic skills in 2000.  The spirit guide drawing  I received was a very radiant goddess-like image in greens and yellows with an aura of joy and serenity.  She has been displayed in my studio ever since, projecting reassurance, confidence and well-being.

Since then I have received  another drawing with a personal message that was spot on. Susy manages to get right to the heart of the matter by tapping into source and letting it guide her to create lasting and meaningful artworks.

Penelope Starr   Artist, Producer  Tucson, Arizona


I received my spirit guide drawing and channeled message....all i can say is WOW!! The picture is artistically beautiful and felt an instant connection from my heart as i looked at my guide. I resonate to the message and accurate with picking up on my 'moon' guide. It serves as a deep confirmation for me, as i have always felt a sacred and strong connection with the moon. And have had spiritual deep encounters with the moon in the past. I will cherish the work you created and now assisted me with on my path..

Monica May, Thornleigh