Susy Plummer is my name and I've been on this path of Visionary Art for the past nineteen years. 

I was born in New York  into a family of Artists, but it took awhile for art to be my main interest. I traveled to Australia in 1969 and found my home along the coast, outside the city of Sydney. 

Before art took over, I was a practitioner of Holistic Pulsing, Aura Soma, Kahuna Massage, EMF Balancing technique, an Angel intuitive and Animal dreaming.    

I found that whenever I worked with a client I would go into a meditative state of mind and  want to be still with the person. I would receive messages for them. I felt I wanted to explore this state of mind I was experiencing and bring this aspect forward.

I was lead, through a series of synchronistic, serendipitous experiences, to create the Angel and Spirit  Guide Drawings

         Dione, water oracle 

This is part of an interview I did with Gail Kushner at her Blog at "My Psychic Search"  about my journey and the Guide drawings in the "Psychics Speak" series of interviews on Amazon       Date of Blog was on Thursday Sept. 3rd 2015

My own connection to spirit holds a lot of power from the Shamanic tradition of the Native Americans plus many other cultures.

Also,the Angelic and the devic realms of the fairies and elves like to show themselves on my drawing board as well as the Goddess archetypes.  

I believe I'm a channel, for multiple forms of energy, to help people discover more about themselves. This is apparent in the workshops as well. Everyone is able to create a drawing with purpose and beauty.

In  2011, I completed a Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy and now work as an Art Therapist as well as a visionary Artist and teacher. This new skill adds a dimension of client based responsibility, discovery and wonder.  .  

Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists  IICT  # 2704137317