Stories behind the Guides

Spirit Guide drawings and their stories 

Pomona, Goddess of the Harvest: This story began about 3 weeks before I received an order for a Guide drawing. Sometimes I do a drawing without knowing who it is going to be for. This time the name of the Guide came to me and then I started to draw her. I looked up the name that I received , I knew she was a Goddess but did not know her status. I found she was the Goddess of the Harvest and then all the information for the fellow came through.I knew it was to be for a man and he would order it soon. I went to a Psychic Fair and expected a fellow to come up for a  picture but no man ordered a picture that day. 

     I was perplexed because it did not happen but I also realized that the drawing was not quite finished so when I sat back at my drawing table that night I felt that swirling crown should be drawn. It signified the connection to all his past lives which were now coming to fruition. .

The very next morning I got an email from a fellow in the US who wrote that he had been thinking of getting a drawing for awhile and that now was the time of the Harvest!  No doubt the drawing was for him. So I wrote back to him, without telling what I had drawn because I want the person to see and read the message not just hear the name.. I told him that I had already done his drawing but he had to wait and see who arrived.

I did not hear from him for a couple of months but when he rang he was all excited that the drawing and message were accurate for he was just off to Hawaii to follow his destiny which was a culmination of all his past lives work. 

Pythia:  the High Priestess of the temple of Apollo, one of the oracles at Delphi. Pythia takes her name from the winged serpent, the dragon Python that protected the temple. That is why I incorporated the wing into this drawing, without me knowing anything of the legend. The feathered mask was unusual for me to draw as well for I had only drawn one other mask at that time out of hundreds of pictures. I found out when I gave her the Guide drawing that she collected Masks as a hobby! This was so she knew this drawing was done especially for her. 
Elf  Prince:  a young man I had met at a Festival in Tasmania ordered a drawing. He was working there as an energy Healer. At home while I was drawing the crown of gold upon his head, I thought, gee this is a very simple pattern for a crown but continued on because I draw what is shown to me.I did not post it as I usually do when finished, but met up with him about 2 weeks later to give him the drawing.
    To my surprise and delight he showed me a tattoo he had gotten between ordering the drawing and today. It was the exact same pattern on his wrist as I had drawn as a crown for his Guide. So before he got the tattoo, I had (unknowingly) drawn this crown pattern that was so significant to him that he had it tattooed on his wrist.   
Dione the Greek water oracle goddess & healer...  Shelia had sent me a message, after I sent her this drawing....I've always had an affinity with the sea/water. I have also been told I am a healer....the emerald green background is meaningful to me, so is the colorful hair and so is the name Dione. One of the possible pronunciations is very similar to my imaginary friend from childhood!