How to order a drawing?

 You can order a drawing at one of the Fairs, Festivals or Events. You can also order by Phone or email by giving your details such as birthdate, name, email and address of where to post the drawing. I can pick up your energy with the sound of your voice or from seeing  a photo.

Phone: 0431 529418 or email to order or for more information about the drawings or classes.  You can also email for more info or to order a drawing                                                   

All drawings are done in soft full colour pastels. Each drawing comes with a hand written message from the Guide. It is laminated and packed flat for postage. Prices start from $125 for A4 size , this includes postage in Australia for overseas orders please email



Please contact me by email with birthdate, full name and a photo of yourself , or instead of a photo you can include your phone # and I will call to confirm the order.

Please contact me by phone or email before paying at the " Buy Now" button


A4 size Drawing encludes postage in Australia

No Image Available

$ 125 AUD